Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving On

So I had my meeting with HR and it was exactly like I thought - didn't want to hear anything I felt or thought (in fact told me my "feelings" were wrong!) so I never mentioned a word about mobbing or anything. It was very clear to me that they wanted to conversation to lean towards the PHB being a bad leader. This pissed me off, yes he may need some additional skills, but pointing the finger at him for all of these office problems doesn't seem exactly fair either. And now they want to call me a Corporate Adminitrator. WTF? I don't do ANY corporate work whatsoever, but oh well. I get the same paycheck and do the same job. I asked my boss what he wanted to call me, and he said "Bitch?" HA HA... he's funny. I said HEY at least other people say it behind my back buddy. We had a good laugh. I warned him of the unfair treatment he was about to get. Or should I say "we" were about to get. I wouldn't work for someone for almost 10 years if I didn't like them and have a certain amount of loyalty. So this is how it goes and as usual, there is nothing I or anyone else can do to change this atmosphere. It will be fun to watch the HR lady struggle to make any changes tho. At the very least, watching her fall on her face would be amusing. Cuz I AM a bitch, after all. Hee hee!