Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What To Call It

I did some research yesterday at work and was trying to figure out exactly how work was making me feel and I was really surprised to find out that it's a form of bullying. When people do what they can to undermine you, take credit for what you do and it's constant and consistent. Also when they get other people to take it on with them to form a group of bullies. There was a word for this too, it's called mobbing. I really didn't know this is what it was called and I'm so surprised, but everything in the article sounded like they were talking about me and my work day. Amazing. I copied it all and when HR speaks to me, I will be bringing this up. I'll get more detailed on this later.... Who out there feels bullied by co-workers? I'll put some definitions up to clarify later on tonight. You would be amazed!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Serenity Now!

You know, I'm really getting kind of bitter about this. When my nemesis left this office, my days were supposed to be getting better. Much much better. Joy and happiness abound. I had images of skipping down the hallways and breaking out into spontanious song and dance. You know, like Grease. Or maybe something like 9 to 5 with a Dolly Parton special guest appearance.

So, well, this has not happened and my dreams are shattered. HR is once again trying to re-write my job description (probably based on feedback from Esmerelda's exit interview - thanks you b!tch) and I have no idea what's going to happen. More and more this company is taking me out of an administrative equation and pushing me to do crap like be a facility manager or sattelite tech support (our IT service is located in another state, hundreds of miles away). I'm tired of hooking up computers and resolving telephone issues. My skills are going to waste! I should be the head of an administrative staff by now. And I was, until yet another outsider (from another country!) determined I shouldn't be. Never mind that it worked for this office, more politic reared their ugly head and once again it is me who gets screwed. I have tried not to turn all passive aggressive and only do what my job description says. What can I do? I'm the kind of person who loves to give 110% to my job, but lately, after all the ill treatment, I kind of feel like they should be so lucky to get even 50% of my efforts. It is so hard to be somewhere where the underachievers get acknowledged and I get shafted. Perhaps it's time to once again consider a move. Which I would hate because I would lose my lovely 4 weeks of vacation. I'm so torn. This Love/Hate work relationship is going to be the end of me someday.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's A Mystery to Me

When I was little I would ask my step-father tons of questions: why, where, when, how... etc. Whenever he got tired of answering he would ask me back if I was writing a novel. I would always say no until I thought I was smarter than he was and one day I said yes, I am writing a novel! Ever so proudly I lifted my chin as if to say, so there! And his response: make this one a mystery. Oh my deflated ego. LOL!

Today I suffer from every day mysteries. Such as, why do I have to struggle to take work AWAY from people? I mean, do I really have to beg you to give me back a job I delegated to you in the first place such as ordering office supplies or coffee? Hmmm, that's weird. Or other mysteries such as why people who work in an office have an expectation of not being supervised in some way. Hmmm... weirder still. I have no clue what's going on in my office once again, but people are so darn unhappy and I have no idea why. They want to complain about my boss (who is so laid back, he likes to treat people like adults, even tho they behave like children. Sound like a problem man to you?) and then they like to complain about me, who does work for my boss and is privy to confidential information. They complain about that. Even though I don't discuss things like that because I am a professional after all. Whiners. I lose respect for people in my office every day, yet I pretend I like them all and go out of my way to help them if they need it. Kinda makes me want to let them fend for themselves, but that wouldn't be "politically correct". Whatever!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tail Wagging the Dog

So yes, I did have a great day yesterday. Even finding out what I'm about to say, I still had a really good day knowing that the person who gives me the most greif is now gone. She leaves earthquakes as she goes, however. I had a meeting yesterday with HR, PHB and a couple others to determine how to fill a vacant admin position and we find out that Esmerelda told the Esther that she can have her job (and trained her to do so) and apparently no one else in the office ever did! Seriously! Not either of their bosses, not my boss, not HR... I'm sitting there listening to this (and to them whine that they shouldn't have to pay attention to administrative matters) and I don't feel one bit sorry for them. They did it to themselves, letting these girls run the show like this. If they really wanted it handled, they should put me back in full charge and authority of it all. I would have never allowed that to happen. Then to top it off, Esther told her old-boss-that-didn't-let-his-admin-go that she was done working for him and that was that! We went to her yesterday to tell her she still needed to help, and gave her a list. I know she didn't want to, but with the rest of us picking up the majority of her old job, she really had no choice. My boss says he will "speak" to her about all of this, but I don't see anything being any different. I sit back and wonder where the balls of all these men are and continue to look under the table for them.

Monday, June 16, 2008

One More Thing...

Another reason to vote Democrat this year:

A Brand New Day

I am actually glad to go to work today. It's true! Today is the first day of the rest of my happy work life. I keep singing "ding dong the bitch is gone" in my head and I smile and flit about my house getting ready just like Cinderella with her mice buddies. (I know it's a different fairy tale than Oz, but work with me here.) I figure if anything goes wrong today, it must be my own fault.

The only gray area is in the news today. I hear California is once again trying to ban same sex marriages. You know, I can't really imagine standing up in front of a ton of people to try to destroy other people's ability to be happy and married. Fucking republicans. I seriously hope all of you out there are voting democrat this year in order to end this war and hate mongering people of the world from being in leadership positions. Go Obama!

That's all I can say this morning. Off to get my coffee and hummingly get ready for work.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 Days Before the Best Day of My Life

Yes, Esmerelda that wicked witch, is finally gone on Friday. We have mostly "made up" with each other. Meaning I just ignore her outburts and do internal chants: "four more days... three more days" etc. I'm being so nice to her face I feel like to world's largest hypocrite. I wonder if I will be able to squeeze out some tears to say goodbye on Friday. I'm not so sure. I pulled together a lunch on Monday for just her lady friends and now today we will have an all staff lunch. Of course everyone has an individual order that I have to sort out. What a pain. Oh and to top it off, the other admin comes over and says "did you order a cake". I'm like wtf do we need a cake for? It's not her birthday. (more internal mumblings here.) As if no matter what I will do I am sure it won't be good enough for that admin anyway since they are such best friends. I feel like saying have cake on your own damn time, but you know I went all the way downtown to get a fucking cake so no one can say that I didn't do my utmost.

Anyway, at least the end is near. After this, I only have one office bitch to deal with and she's not in my every day life, just a thorn in my side occassionally. This, I can deal with. Now I know things can only get better.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Accomplished & Broke

Ok, it's Monday, I have gotten up and showered and what do I discover? Yes, while planting in the garden this weekend I have been totally chewed to peices. Bitten by black flies and other bugs all over. I am so itchy, it's crazy. I am putting benadryl cream on as we speak. Let's hope it works.

Ok, now I need some feedback. I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. She chose her matron of honor as a person I don't know, but they went to college together and she lives very far away from us. I thought we were going to be friends, but now I am pretty sure I can't stand her. Here is the story: Bride asked me to help her mom, so I got in touch and went to Mom's house to offer my slave labor services. Turns out, mom told me I had to throw the bridal shower. Took me completely off guard, and I was like 'oh I thought I was here to help you' and she says no, this is your responsibility. So I say well ok, let's talk about it. I agree to some things and she gives me MOH's phone number and says call her to work it out. I say ok and we talk a few times. MOH is pissed at mom. She says it is brides mom to pay for the party and not us. However, I finally get her to agree it is our thing to do and we agree that I will do the entire party and split the bill. Her part came to $80. That's it. I totally went out of my way, made invitations, made a wish box, made all the food (except the cake and two dishes each mom made) so I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Well that was back in mid-May and this bitch still has not paid me. As a matter of fact, she flat out refuses and says it's not her problem, she shouldn't be expected to pay for a party she didn't attend. I am completely flabborgasted. So now I need to know what YOU think. Is it the MOH's responsibility? Is it the mom's? Is it mine? All I know is that she is coming closer to the wedding and I have decided to not help her pay for the bachelorette party. I will pay for my drinks and drinks of the bride, but I will not pay for the transportation or any other entertainment. Oh, we are taking a boat ride, so I will pay for my own ticket, which is $20. I haven't told the MOH this yet, but I would think she probably realizes that's my plan. So anyway, I want to hear from you guys, tell me what traditions are, please. I don't know how to handle this situation.