Thursday, August 30, 2007

Something happened yesterday that infuriated me so much, I couldn't even write about it until I cooled off a bit. Man was I steamed. As a secretary, you must know that what is on my desk is mine. It's not for you to touch, or take and if I have to put my friggen name on it to keep it out of your hands, I will. Know what I mean? Don't touch my favorite pen, don't ask me for a stapler or tape. I'm not the supply closet. What's on my desk is MINE. I was brought up (or trained or whatever) to never go in someone's desk without their permission. My mom started that when I was young by teaching me that her purse was absolutely forbidden. Same with desks. So the day before I had taken the day off and someone called me in the afternoon to harass me for some paperwork. Thing is the paperwork isn't even her business, it's my job and I'll fucking do it. Got that? She said can I look on your desk for an invoice. I say no, I will take care of it tomorrow. So instead her manager decides to go through my desk, takes what she wants, and doesn't even leave a note. I come in the next day and start to panick, thinking I've lost stuff and then I realize - that fuckin bitch. She went into my desk and took my stuff! I'm furious. I go into my boss' office and I say "did you give so and so permission to take stuff from my desk". He gives me his cowardly look that he does when he knows I'm gonna lose it on him, and says meekly "no". So I tell him what happened, my lips are pressed together firmly and I give him this speech about how it's my desk and how dare they and there's gonna be a throw down. Long story short, I managed to get through my stiff lips to them in a polite way to never do that again. Ever. And as I give them a steely look and they apologize I know from now on I'll be locking my freaking drawers.


The Guv'ner said...




People wonder why I swear so much. Do my fucking job for a month then come back and ask me again, dildo.

the Secretary said...

I fucking swear all the fucking time. Those fucking bitches... I now have little notes on my stuff and have locked my drawers. Take that bitches!

I heard one of the other admins had a complaint about that too. I took a day off (my FUCKING BIRTHDAY, by the way) and the bitch calls my cell while I'm sitting in the hair salon chair. I did call her back later and dealt with the very minor situation that definitely could have waited until I got back and another girl came up to me the next day to say that admin (Esther) was making sarcastic cracks about how she better not look on my desk for something. I said "well hot damn, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks". HA!