Friday, August 31, 2007

There's no biziness like "mind your own" bizness

I sit right outside my boss' office, not close to anyone, not bothering anything. Someone has actually complained to my boss that they do not like it when I file my nails. I'm totally flabbergasted. "Someone" has too much time on their hands if they are noticing when I file or not file. I don't think I will ever understand people. Especially people like that. I said to my boss "is my work productivity down?" "No", he says. I say "is there a problem with how I do my job for you?" "No" he says. I say "So then you told the person who complained about me filing my nails to go fuck themselves, right?" "Ahhhhh... just be careful of what you do" he says. I say "unless you have a problem with my job and how I do it, I will consider this conversation over". And I leave.


The Guv'ner said...

Ridiculous. I once worked with this chick who wore more hairspray than the entire 1980s. She'd spray it once an hour on the hour and it would stiffen everything in a ten mile radius (there's an unpleasant image!). One day this little intern girl sprayed some perfume - not a lot just a light mist, about 20 feet away and this hairspray vixen has a major cow and complains to the intern's boss. "I AM ALLERGIC TO PERFUME, WHINE WHINE!" meanwhile she's depleting most of the ozone in the western hemisphere with her damn Aquanet.

The moral is: Some people are really just asshats.

the Secretary said...

Yeah, ever since I shared with my boss that my mother was allergic to perfume and the girls in her office were wearing it anyway, causing her to be hospitalized a couple times, he has used that to let me know that my perfume makes him wheeze. Big mistake. On the days when I'm mad at him, I go home and put on something really stinky. My current fav is Opium. You can't escape that smell for miles. I feel so wicked.