Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantasized Event Appearing Real = FEAR

There is a rampant mistrust in the office. We're going through one of those "cultural" changes where all the Big Wigs tell the Little Guy to reinvent the atmosphere (I assume that means it's so bad, they PhD's can't think of any solutions so pass it off to the "less than qualified" to find their own solutions). The problem is that the Little Guys are not empowered to make the changes necessary, so the every so commonly adopted "why bother" attitude is out of control. Why would anyone think that I would stick my neck out there, only the have it chopped off. Seriously, how dare I throw out the idea that I should get some monetary compensation for doing a good job. Here's a thought, label it a "bonus" and give it to me on a yearly basis. But that would mean less money in my boss' pocket when he gets his yearly bonus! We can't have that.

I'm not bitter OR cynical. My fears are very real. And I continue on, a slave to my paycheck, keeping my mouth shut and my neck where it belongs.