Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Company Incentives

It's mid-year review time. Always a joy for everyone. Things are so very backwards. First of all, it doesn't matter how well you do, if you have busted your ass all year round, the merit increases are already decided in the budget even BEFORE your review is done. You could have saved the earth from pending destruction and it wouldn't matter. You're only getting the standard cost of living wage increase, and that's if you are lucky. Isn't that nice?

I've been going on job interviews lately and one in particular really wants me, I already said no due to the fact that I would be working for this guy with what I call LMS or Little Man Syndrome. He was so small he barely came up to my armpit. He had the personality to go with it - you know the type - overcompensating and acting a big and puffy. Yes, he's important, we get it. My answer to work for him is still a resounding NO! He said he was "hands on". Oh boy, you know what that means. On one hand, promising me the moon, "you can run everything, it's your baby, you will be the face of the company" (do I look like an ego maniac? I don't want my face to be on ANY company. WTF? I am an office manager, a secretary, just give me work to do and I'll do it. So strange. After repeated calls to me to give them another chance, I stopped returning the calls. Crazy.

Then I went to my current boss and said dude, I can make this much and I am being pursued. What are you going to do about it to make me want to stay. I think a salary increase might be in order. I'll let you know :)