Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Bloody Confrontation

Ok, ladies out there, I need your support. This is the most ridiculous thing, but anyway, here goes...

We have a cleaning service that the landlord of our building has arranged to clean our main working areas, and their own maintenance guy is to clean the bathrooms and kitchen. This is a relatively new arrangement, and so far, at least for me, it's not working out too well. First off, the maintenance guy is not a professional cleaning service and has no clue how or what is required to clean a ladies bathroom. He was also on vacation last week, which meant they didn't get cleaned at all. When he returned, I asked him to make sure they were cleaned and he said he did, but I when I went back in, there was the same gross crusty pee stain on the front of the bowl. How a woman can miss the toilet is beyond me, but anyway... the job wasn't done. The worst part was the bins on the back of the seats where ladies put their used "unmentionables" was packed full, so he was obviously unaware that those needed to be emptied as well. In any case, I'm certainly not about to have to explain to some guy (who doesn't speak english either, so I end up yelling "tampon bin! tampon bin1") how to clean a ladies room.

To fix this, I called the landlord back and requested the professional service be reinstated and assured them that it was nothing the maintenance guy did wrong, per se, just that I was too embarassed to have to explain to him every aspect of what to do and would appreciate a professional doing it again. She understood completely. An hour later the maintenance guy is at my desk and he is all confrontational with me. "Why did you call landlord, you tell me" he says in his hard to understand accent. I was like oh man, dude, do I really have to explain and heave a big sigh. Seriously, he doesn't get paid extra to do it so you tell me why he wants to have the job of cleaning the bathrooms so bad. Seriously. Can you guess? My mind is always in the gutter, so you know where it's headed... gross! Anywayyyyyy back on track with my story. He insists that he needs to do it and I finally say that we need to do a checklist so that he knows what to do.

So how did that happen? WTF? Now I have to do a checklist on how to clean a womens bathroom. Crap. How the hell did THAT happen?



Teri said...

our "building" does ALL maintenance, including bathrooms. We do have some issues with the way they clean the bathrooms, or the lack thereof, at times. You shouldn't have to make a list, the building should supply that.

What idiots!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Think of it as a public service and the price you must pay for a clean toity.

The Guv'ner said...

No man should go anywhere near a ladies' boudoir EVER. I mean honestly. And no lady should have to go near the men's room. Once i was sitting on the porcelain throne, thinking my thoughts, trying to produce a solid (which is against my work policy, personally) when in stroll two guys to mend a fixture. While I'm sitting in there mid-deuce. That is NOT RIGHT. You should try keeping a dookie half way home while two men are ten feet away talking about pipes.

the Secretary said...

Teri - unfortunately we do not have any "building" facility people, other than the maintenance guy. We used to have a full staff of facilities, HR, tech support - now they are all remote, so I kind of have to deal with it. Unfortunately.

Lunch lady, I am so freakin proud. LOL!

and Guv, oh my God you crack me up. I once stopped the maintenance guy from going in the ladies room with another gentleman (at lunch time no less) and they didn't even knock, started to walk right in and I said HEY what do you think you're doing, and at that moment 2-3 ladies come walking out. So not right.

I did my list, I brought him in (after knocking of course) and pointed to the bins that needed emptying. He laughed and said "oh I didn't know" to which I replied "of course you didn't, you're a MAN!"