Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 Days Before the Best Day of My Life

Yes, Esmerelda that wicked witch, is finally gone on Friday. We have mostly "made up" with each other. Meaning I just ignore her outburts and do internal chants: "four more days... three more days" etc. I'm being so nice to her face I feel like to world's largest hypocrite. I wonder if I will be able to squeeze out some tears to say goodbye on Friday. I'm not so sure. I pulled together a lunch on Monday for just her lady friends and now today we will have an all staff lunch. Of course everyone has an individual order that I have to sort out. What a pain. Oh and to top it off, the other admin comes over and says "did you order a cake". I'm like wtf do we need a cake for? It's not her birthday. (more internal mumblings here.) As if no matter what I will do I am sure it won't be good enough for that admin anyway since they are such best friends. I feel like saying have cake on your own damn time, but you know I went all the way downtown to get a fucking cake so no one can say that I didn't do my utmost.

Anyway, at least the end is near. After this, I only have one office bitch to deal with and she's not in my every day life, just a thorn in my side occassionally. This, I can deal with. Now I know things can only get better.