Monday, June 23, 2008

It's A Mystery to Me

When I was little I would ask my step-father tons of questions: why, where, when, how... etc. Whenever he got tired of answering he would ask me back if I was writing a novel. I would always say no until I thought I was smarter than he was and one day I said yes, I am writing a novel! Ever so proudly I lifted my chin as if to say, so there! And his response: make this one a mystery. Oh my deflated ego. LOL!

Today I suffer from every day mysteries. Such as, why do I have to struggle to take work AWAY from people? I mean, do I really have to beg you to give me back a job I delegated to you in the first place such as ordering office supplies or coffee? Hmmm, that's weird. Or other mysteries such as why people who work in an office have an expectation of not being supervised in some way. Hmmm... weirder still. I have no clue what's going on in my office once again, but people are so darn unhappy and I have no idea why. They want to complain about my boss (who is so laid back, he likes to treat people like adults, even tho they behave like children. Sound like a problem man to you?) and then they like to complain about me, who does work for my boss and is privy to confidential information. They complain about that. Even though I don't discuss things like that because I am a professional after all. Whiners. I lose respect for people in my office every day, yet I pretend I like them all and go out of my way to help them if they need it. Kinda makes me want to let them fend for themselves, but that wouldn't be "politically correct". Whatever!